Induction Capable

Lifetime cookware manufactured beginning in 2012 is engineered to work on all range tops, including energy efficient induction!

We’ve combined the best properties of the best metals for cooking—so you can get the best results.

Induction capable means Lifetime cookware gives you the option to cook on the most energy efficient cooking surface available today!

To ensure that your Lifetime cookware was manufactured in 2012 or later, simply take a magnet and place it on the outside bottom of the cookware.  If it sticks, your cookware is induction capable.

Induction Cooking: 90% Efficient

Induction ranges provide faster heating times while using less energy than a conventional cooktop.

  • Induction cook tops do not get hot.
  • There is no worry about a pot holder or a flammable item catching fire while the cook top is in use.
  • If something boils over onto the cook top it is easier to clean because the surface is not hot, nothing burns to the surface.
  • It does not warm up the kitchen like gas and electric burners do.
  • Induction cooking is 90% efficient as compared to 50% for gas and 60% for electric 60% for electric cook tops, making induction the “greenest” choice.
  • Because of its high energy efficiency it can cook things much more quickly.
  • You can adjust temperatures much more quickly than either gas or electric cook tops, making it a great choice for items that require extreme temperature control.
  • High efficiency means less money spent on cooking.
  • Once your pan is removed from the cooking source, it is impossible to leave the “burner on” making it safer than gas or electric.

Common cook tops supply heat that is applied to the cookware heating up the cookware thus heating the food. Induction cook tops create a magnetic field that only works on cookware that is made of a magnetic material, like Lifetime®! The magnetic field reacts with the cookware creating heat in the cookware itself, in other words the cookware becomes the burner.

Not all cookware is induction capable.
In order to generate heat, the cookware used with induction cook tops must also contain magnetic elements. Cookware made from aluminum, copper, glass, and some types of stainless steel is NOT suitable. Generally, if a magnet adheres to cookware, the cookware is induction capable.

Ideal to use on ALL range tops, that’s the Lifetime difference!


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