12-Layer Solar Cap® Construction--a Lifetime exclusive!

Discover the Lifetime difference: Quality from the inside out.

We’ve combined the best properties of the best metals for cooking so that you can get the best results. Lifetime Cookware is ideal to use on any range top, including gas, electric, smooth top, and induction.

Quick and even heat distribution throughout the entire cooking surface allows you to prepare your favorite dishes your way, or by taking advantage of Lifetime’s minimum moisture / waterless cooking method—using little to no added water, oils or fats!

It’s simply a healthy way to cook! ...that’s the Lifetime difference.


Cooking Surface

Layer 1  304L Low-Carbon Solid Stainless Steel - Lifetime's cooking surface is constructed of 304L stainless steel, a very hard, durable, non-porous, extremely sanitary material with improved corrosion resistance properties.

Heat Distribution Layers

Layers 2 & 3  Two disks of Commercially Pure 1100 Aluminum - The heat conducting properties of aluminum are unsurpassed. These two layers of solid 1100 aluminum provide perfect, even heat distribution.

Layer 4  304 Stainless Steel - Used as a protective bonding layer.

Heat Retention Core

Layer 5  Copper - Widely known to have excellent heat transfer characteristics, we've added a layer of copper to quickly distribute and transfer heat to the other layers for even cooking performance.

Layer 6  Carbon Steel - Quick to respond to changes in heat, our carbon steel layer helps to promote cooking at low temperatures for energy savings.

Layer 7  Copper - A second layer of copper enhances quick and even heat transfer through the Solar Cap for superior cooking performance.

Layer 8  304 Stainless Steel - Used as a protective bonding layer.

Layer 9  Aluminum - For additional quick heat distribution.

Solar Cap

Layer 10  304 Stainless Steel - Used as a protective bonding layer.

Layer 11  430 Magnetic Stainless Steel - Magnetic stainless steel layer enables the induction capable feature of Lifetime's Solar Cap construction. Now Lifetime performs as well on induction cooktops as it does on all other range tops.

Layer 12  304 Stainless Steel - The Solar Cap exterior is constructed of 304 stainless steel for durability and the kind of timeless beauty you expect from Lifetime.


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