Start with a Party!

Enthusiasm is contagious - join the excitement! What a great way to learn a healthy way of cooking, get new recipes, enjoy amazing and nutritious dishes, learn about an opportunity that can make a difference in your life and obtain free products - have a party!

There is nothing to lose!

Contact one of our representatives and discover the Lifetime difference for yourself.

Just invite, celebrate and earn. It’s that easy!!

Hosting a party is easy and fun. You are rewarded just for opening your home and allowing us to cook for you. We’ll cook an entire party for you and your friends with absolutely no obligation. We bring the food, do the clean-up and reward you with a special gift from Lifetime.

A fun-filled, entertaining demonstration that everyone will enjoy - that’s our promise to you.

With Lifetime it’s easy to prepare heart-healthy nutritious meals that make a difference for you and your family. Discover the difference Lifetime can make for you!

Lifetime - more than a name.

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