Not all cookware is the same!

The quality of the cookware we use to prepare our family’s meals is an important investment in their health and welfare.

The real cost of poor quality cookware adds up.

Chemical reactions from rust and peeling surfaces can change the flavor and color of your foods. Replacing worn out cookware costs more money. Energy wasted by cooking on high heat and taking longer for foods to cook also costs more money. Health benefits may not be realized through lost nutritional values of foods prepared the traditional way.


Though it is an excellent conductor of heat, as a cooking surface aluminum reacts with acidic or alkaline foods, which corrodes the material and can affect flavors—it can pit, flake and dent.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is heavy and requires careful cleaning and care, may rust and retain food particles—and bacteria.

Non-stick coatings

All coatings can scratch, peel and require replacement.


Heats very unevenly, may chip and rust.


Glass can break and food may stick easily.

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