Minimum Moisture / Waterless Cooking:

Maximize cooking performance . . . the minimum moisture way!

With the Lifetime Minimum Moisture cooking method, every meal you prepare provides the maximum nutritional value. Foods retain more of their color, flavor and nutrients—naturally. And, it makes preparing all of your favorite dishes faster and easier.

Minimum Moisture, Waterless or Vapor cooking— however you say it, Lifetime makes the difference.

1. Select the appropriate sized cookware for your recipe. Best results are obtained when the cookware is filled to at least two-thirds capacity with the food you are preparing. Always use the cover designed to fit each specific piece of cookware.

2. Diameter of the range cooking unit should correspond to the diameter of the pan. The diameter of the range cooking unit should correspond to the diameter of the pan. If cooking on a gas range, the flame should not extend up the sides of the pan.

3. Medium to Low is all you need to know. To ensure success of minimum moisture cooking it is important to use medium and low heat. Always begin cooking over medium heat, then reduce to low for the remainder of the cooking period. High heat will cause moisture to be driven out of the pan and prevent the water seal from forming—resulting in food shrinkage, sticking and burning of foods. (Electric range owners please keep in mind that burners retain heat longer; therefore, it may be necessary to remove the pan until vapor subsides.). Medium-high heat should be used only when necessary, as when boiling liquid. Back to the Top

4. Use only small amounts of water, oil or other liquids. Most fresh vegetables and fruits contain enough natural moisture to cook using the minimum moisture method. To prepare vegetables, place the vegetables in the cookware and cover with cold water. Immediately pour the water off the vegetables—the water that clings to the vegetables will be enough for cooking. Only add water or liquid if the food does not contain enough moisture of its own. Of course, water is necessary for preparing soups, dry cereals, pasta or when steaming fruits and vegetables. Back to the Top

5.Use less salts and seasoning.
Because minimum moisture cooking preserves the natural flavors of the food, you can use less salt and seasonings – another healthy benefit. Back to the Top

6. Forming the water seal. To form the water seal, begin cooking foods over medium heat. In 3 to 5 minutes, steam will begin to escape from the cover and it will be hot to the touch. Spin cover, but do not lift it. When the cover spins freely, the water seal has formed. Reduce heat to low. After a few minutes, vapor will stop escaping from around the cover and the proper cooking temperature will have been reached.

  • If vapor continues to escape over low heat, reduce to simmer.
  • If excessive steam and spattering occurs, there may be too much food and/or liquid in the pan.
  • If the lowest setting on the range is too hot, use a flame tamer under the pan while cooking.

Since temperature settings vary from one range to another, a few times of careful practice will tell you when the heat is properly adjusted for minimum moisture cooking. If the cover does not continue to spin freely, increase heat slightly. Back to the Top

7. Keep it covered! Avoid lifting the cover while food is cooking. Lifting the cover breaks the water seal and interrupts the self-basting benefit of minimum moisture cooking—allowing heat, steam and nutrients to escape. The water seal must re-form whenever the cover has been removed. Cooking time will be lengthened considerably each time this happens. When necessary, lift cover just enough to insert a fork to see if food is sufficiently cooked. If food is not completely cooked, replace cover as quickly as possible and turn heat up to medium for about one minute to re-form the water seal. Then return the setting to low and continue cooking. Back to the Top

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