Earth-Friendly Cookware

Lifetime makes a difference:
Committed to the Environment

For us, green is not simply a color, it’s a commitment to environmental responsibility in the development of our products, processes and logistics. From the way we manufacture all the way to the minimized, recycle-friendly packaging of our products, we have procedures in place to minimize our environmental impact and we continue to explore new opportunities to be green—by design!

Lifetime Makes a Difference

  • Minimize carbon-footprint by using less energy than traditional cooking methods
  • An investment in the future: Lifetime quality replaces common throw-away cookware products
  • Maximize preservation of nutrients by using Lifetime’s Minimum Moisture / Waterless cooking method.


Emissions from our manufacturing facility comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Recycling material from our facilities saves 3,283 trees, 9,309 gallons of gasoline and 4,300 barrels of oil annually (according to the EPA wastewise formula).

State-of-the-art lighting systems in our manufacturing facilities saves 1.5 million kilo watt hours, or 137,000 gallons of gasoline annually.


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