Success Stories

Augustine Bogle

How has Lifetime Cookware made a difference in my life?

Back in 2002 I was working for a company as a service rep making a decent salary of $48,000, but as time went by I found myself working longer hours and suffering more stress for the same amount of money, which made my salary shrink more and more and at the same time it was taking a toll on my health. That's when I decided it was about time that I made a wise decision to dedicate myself full time to make a change not on a job, but on a lifestyle.

Looking back at the years before this I would see those who are now my colleagues travel to different exotic places where I would have liked to go such as France, England, Italy, Argentina and I could go on and on, while at the same time making very good money and enjoying meeting people that enriched their lives.

Well, I made the decision and it has certainly changed my life. I have traveled to places such as Greece, Russia, and Barcelona, Estonia etc. Not to mention Universal Studios and Disney.

But the best trip was the one we made to Wisconsin in 2011 to see the factory after which we went snow tubing.  On this trip I took my son and for the first time we had a snow fight in which even the president of the company was involved.

I have enjoyed the freedom of being an entrepreneur with a great product that makes me proud to represent, developed a relationship with coworkers as if they were my family, made money ( I'm not saying how much :-) and enjoyed the freedom to work my own hours.

Thanks to Lifetime I have accomplished many goals; I have bought a house, my favorite car (a BMW), but most of all I enjoy what I'm doing. I only hope that others can see it like I did and join us to change their lives.


John and Annie Meyers

We've enjoyed working for ourselves and the freedom it gives us to take care of our family without repercussions.  We're seeing the world through travel incentives such as the Greek Islands, South America and Hawaii.  Our Lifetime coworkers are just like family to us.  It's an overall good feeling to be with Lifetime!


Jose Velez

Lifetime has been the opportunity that knocked on my door and I could not let pass, due to the economic independence that it has brought me as well as the opportunity to earn the amount of money I desired, which I could not get anywhere else. The ability to travel the world and visit exotic places is another reward the business has to offer. The greatest thing of all is that I get to share this and see how other lives change as well. Give yourself the opportunity, schedule many dinners and speak of this amazing business opportunity and you will see how it can make a difference in your life. Positive attitude is the key; anything is possible through Lifetime Cookware.


Sonia & Mariano - Visionaries

For us Lifetime Cookware has made a difference in our lives as we have found a business where we are able to dream and see our dreams become a reality.

First of all Lifetime helped us unite in marriage and obtain a common goal. It has taught us team work, that when you desire things they will become a reality no matter what others think or say. Through this business we have built our home which we did not have before. We came to this business with nothing and through these 7 years we have visited more than 15 countries in Europe. Our kids have enjoyed a full life. Ultimately we have found happiness!!! “Everything is beautiful.”


Rafael J Cordoves Arbona

From the very beginning of my career with this company in November of 2006, when I was 21 years old, my life and the lives of the members of my family completely changed. The difference mainly came financially, in schedule freedom, personal growth and in the business. We have met all of our goals thanks to this company and this wonderful product; we know that everything we set our mind to with Lifetime and with our hard work can be accomplished.

Thanks to God and this opportunity we acquired our own apartment, our luxurious BMW, we have our son attending a great school and of course financial freedom. With this company and Lifetime® Cookware we have traveled over 10 times in the last 5 years, to Europe, a Caribbean Cruise, to the factory in Wisconsin as well as taken our son to Disney and Universal Studios.


Luis and Alma Castañeda

We learned about the Lifetime opportunity during a dinner party conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Casillas. After we heard what can be achieved and earned without sales experience, my wife and I decided to start something new. We quickly realized that it wasn’t hard to do and we could double our salary.

Before knowing about the Lifetime opportunity, we worked in agriculture for 17 years. We picked strawberries for 10 hours a day, always in the same conditions, without any changes in the work and our financial and personal situation remained the same. However, that changed when we began working weekends selling Lifetime. We noticed that we could make 5 times more in just one weekend. That motivated us to work full time in Lifetime®.

Soon the dreams we had some time ago started to become a reality. We purchased new cars. We have also been able to reach some dreams that, before the Lifetime® opportunity, were very hard for us to reach such as purchasing a house, making investments in Mexico, helping our families, and taking exciting trips.

We now feel the satisfaction of helping other by offering them the Lifetime® opportunity too. We tell them all they need is a burning desire to do things. It doesn’t matter that they may not have much education or experience.


Ask a distributor near you for more information about the Lifetime® Opportunity… There’s only one original Lifetime® Cookware.

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